Carrie Meyer was born and raised in Huntington Beach, CA and now resides in the beautiful wine country in Temecula CA. Although she loves being a stay at home mom as well as being very active in the community with both her church and children’s school she’s always had a passion for both fashion and jewelry.


Growing up on the West Coast she’s always appreciated the more casual fashion trends present up and down the coast. She also appreciates that one doesn’t need to spend a small fortune on fashion jewelry to both look and feel good about what they’re wearing  which has been one of the main inspirations for her jewelry line.


Her business started off innocent enough as she simply began making and designing fashion jewelry for her own use. However, immediately friends, family and people in general began noticing, commenting and asking where they could purchase the same pieces she was wearing. Once they realized she was the designer they began requesting more and more pieces from her and as demand continued to grow so did her passion, and as her business began to grow so did her heart.


Before long multiple salons as well as local vendors were lining up to sell her jewelry line and people across the country soon began purchasing her pieces as well. And before she knew it, Get Carrie’d Away was born which now includes a thriving on-line business. Carrie realizes that nothing completes an outfit like well-chosen jewelry and her jewelry line reflects a casual yet trending style which can be worn with both a casual everyday look or even an elegant night out on the town.


Carrie realizes that offering high quality fashion jewelry at a great price is only part of the story and she is fully committed to providing a superior shopping experience – both in stores as well as online. When someone purchases a brand of jewelry with a person’s name behind it, there’s  a degree of wonder? Who is she? What is she like? Where does her passion come from?


We invite you to see where Carrie’s passion comes from and let Get Carrie’d Away help provide you with emotionally rich jewelry that will make you both look and feel incredible.